User Agreement


Campaign Fee
We charge the industry standard 20% final fee on top of the influencer’s price for each post. This fee is paid by the artist in purchasing the campaign and is the fee for utilising SoundSmith as a platform for campaign curation.

Payment Processing Fee
Stripe charges a 2.9% + 30c payment processing fee to make your transactions as quick and smooth as possible on SoundSmith.

Content creator conditions of work

Be Responsible – By using SoundSmith content creators agree that all work must be accepted within 7 days of invitation to campaign and must be delivered within 7 days of accepting a campaign. Failure to adhere to either will result in the campaign being cancelled and the artist refunded.

Be Generous –
All posts purchased through SoundSmith are permanent and must remain on your TikTok feed indefinitely.

Be Up To Date – It is the duty of the influencer to update their profile (including price) accordingly with how their content develops.

Be Real –
SoundSmith strongly believes in the transparency and authenticity of influencer marketing campaigns and as a result content creators on SoundSmith’s platform must disclose the sponsored nature of content produced with musicians. It is expected that content creators disclose this through the minimum use of #ad in the caption of each paid piece of content created through SoundSmith. SoundSmith is not responsible for enforcing these standards, instead the legal burden lies on the user to ensure they are met. In line with this SoundSmith expects all content creators to comply with applicable laws regarding influencer marketing including but not limited to: AANA Guidelines (AU), CAP Code (UK), and Federal Trade Commission’s Guides Concerning Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising (USA) (“FTC Guides”).

Be Honest –  
We work with content creators who have organically grown their following. If it comes to SoundSmith’s knowledge that you are misrepresenting the size of your following or the engagement of your audience we reserve the right to remove you from the platform.

Be Yourself –
Work with music you love, have fun and enjoy yourself! The more you connect with the music the better the content you will create!

If content creators fail to meet any of the aforementioned conditions of work, SoundSmith reserves the right to terminate their account on SoundSmith.