The future of creator management

Say hello to Rosters, the only custom built platform to automate creator admin for creator agencies

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Say goodbye to updating spreadsheets every week

Rosters was created to help agencies have access to an always live creator roster so that they could spend more time looking after their creators. Now you can too.

Automated, verified data

Real. Receive verified, accurate data for each creator on your roster.

Automatic. Auto-updates every 24 hours.

Fully customisable

Color. Utilise your company's colors

Branding. Upload your logo to make it your own

Niches. Tag each creator with up to 10 searchable niches.

Rates. Toggle to show or hide your creators' rates

Campaign specific sharing

Campaign specific roster. Create and share a custom selection of creators in the click of a few buttons.

A better way to manage creators.

Elegantly designed for agencies, by agencies.

Supports 3 socials

Upload TikTok, Instagram and YouTube socials for creators.

Filter via handle or style

Collate all of your creator's style data and easily build campaigns.

Individual creator kits

Create custom shareable media kits for each one of your creators.

Bi-weekly feature release

Our team releases features every two weeks.

Global support

Our team supports both Northern and Southern hemisphere timezones.