How to win more brand deals as a content creator

June 8, 2023

As an agency one of the key factors that can determine your success when pitching your creators to brands is the relevance of your creators to the brand and its goals. But how do you demonstrate this relevance to brands effectively?


The first answer is data. And the more importantly, up to date data.

There are several reasons why up-to-date data is important for content creators:

  1. Relevance: Up-to-date data helps ensure that your creators and their audiences are relevant to the brand. If you're using outdated data, the creator’s content may not accurately reflect the current state of the creator’s audience nor their growth.
  2. Trust: By using data and especially up-to-date data like the creator’s recent growth or previous examples of the performance of branded content you're de-risking your roster in the mind of the brand and provide a clear line of logic for them to follow, making the decision  process not only easier for them to choose your creators, but also working to build trust with the brand.

Brand Alignment

A second key insight to demonstrate relevance is brand alignment with the creator and their audience.

  1. Creator’s Brand Alignment: Demonstrating the alignment of your creator with a specific brand is key to enabling them win out amongst the other creators that are pitching them. Core to doing this is accurately depicting the brand of your creator. Some ways to depict this is through creating a custom media kit of the creator, including key insights into the creator’s style, bio as well as images and a mood board to demonstrate and give personality to who the creator is.
  2. Previous brand collaborations: By including previous brand collaborations by the creator similar to the brand you are pitching to, creators are able to demonstrate that they align with the brand and have experience working with similar brands before. Including the data of the previous collaborations also demonstrates the tangible outcomes that came from previous collaborations and builds trust with the creators.

In conclusion, building relevance and trust to a brand is key and can be best implemented through the data and demonstrating brand alignment through previous collaborations and the creator’s personal brand.

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