The Pros & Cons Of Promoting Music With An Influencer Marketplace
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One form of marketing your music on TikTok is by using an Influencer Marketplace. Influencer marketplaces should provide you with limitless choice and the largest arsenal when it comes to your TikTok campaign. You should be given the tools to identify which influencers will suit your campaign, select which ones fall inside your budget, and have complete creative control over the entire process. One of the hallmarks of a marketplace is that all the info you require for decision making is given to you upfront. Seeing all the influencers available and knowing their fees is half the battle, and marketplaces tend to give you this information first. This saves you countless hours of influencer discovery, research and negotiation as everything is in a centralised location and the fees are already determined.

SoundSmith's Marketplace - an example of an influencer marketplace

One major reason to choose a marketplace over dm’ing is because of the security it provides. SoundSmith’s unique escrow and content verification system means that we hold all funds until the content is delivered by the influencer and it passes our verification process to ensure the creators delivers what you asked for. This way you are never at risk of losing your money in a transaction.

A great influencer marketplace is one that does not take any creative control away from you.

Working with marketplaces like SoundSmith provide you with a safe and secure space to promote your art using influencers. Having the ability to host as many influencers as possible, marketplaces usually have access to both macro and micro influencers, meaning whether your budget is lean or whether cash is no boundary, a marketplace can and will suit your needs. Although some marketplaces are specifically macro or micro orientated, this is uncommon. Often influencer agencies may be limited in their micro influencer options.

Something you have to keep in mind when deciding which marketplace to use is whether or not they will be a good fit for you and your music. Perhaps they have a certain influencer you want to use. Maybe you like the aesthetics more. Just make sure you can identify whether a marketplace is brand-centric. Many marketplaces are brand focussed, so you may notice things that may not align with what you desire from a music campaign, including product-based technology and possibly even influencers that are not well suited to promoting music. As a result, song campaigns can sometimes lack cohesion between the influencers promoting them and the artist.

Our recommendation?

Choose your marketing technique wisely, and make sure its a good fit for you and your music. By working with an influencer marketplace you have the flexibility of working with as many influencers as you'd like but also the security of our platform's escrow and influencer vetting to protect you. Whether your choice lies with SoundSmith, as long as you are happy, we are happy.

By working with SoundSmith we provide you a centralised location to also manage your campaign. For example, if you are working with 10 influencers at once, you are able to view the status of all the influencers in real time, whether they accepted or declined your campaign invitation, as well as whether they’ve posted, and how many days left they have to deliver their post.

You may want to stick with a specialised platform such as SoundSmith which devotes all its time and resources to music marketing. A company built around growing artists and providing them with tools. We care about your results just as much as you do. We want to see people make a living from their art. There are so many talented artists out there who simply lack the right tools to be heard. SoundSmith has been built purely for you, the artist.

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